Tired of managing social contests?

We propose to forget this tedious work
Using Digital Competitions integrated platform on its website allows members to upload their images in an easy way saving time, effort and errors.

You can try the platform for free through a test.

If you want to make a contest please follow these advices, for more info have a look at the Tutorials section.

Registering the Intitution and Participants

The first step is the registration in INSTITUTIONS ACCESS.
You will receive a password.
Once logged in, fill your Institution data in the USER PROFILE.
Personalize your institution with your logo on GENERAL AESTHETICS. These logos will be showed on all documents generated by the application, e-mails, etc.

Add your partners in ASSOCIATED.

Your partners will automatically receive an invitation to participate in all the contests, organized by date. Only people you invite can have access to your contests. Participants must register in ConcursosDigitales.com. Once you are registered you can have access to all data and download the original images.

From this section you can contact through email your partners jointly or individually.

Organize a social contest

Create the social contest in CONTESTS.
Follow the instructions on the tabs:
DESCRIPTION, brief description of the contest, here you can upload the bases in pdf.
CALENDAR, from here you can send the results; the authors will receive a reminder two days before deadline.
SECTIONS, you can manage sections as you want, you’ll find all the works made by sections in PICTURES.
AWARDS, data report of all awards.
JURY AND VERDICT, people of the jury
CONTACT INFO. Responsible part of the contest.
SPONSORS. If you have any sponsors upload his banner in this section.

The application allows the organization of competitions for SEASONS. The seasons are groups of competitions, not necessarily annual, which have cumulative scores and follow up a general classification. Click in SEASON, group and name the contests you want.

PAYMENTS AND ACTIVATION. You can acquire several subscriptions depending on number of participants.
The subscription prizes are 30 € , 50 € and 100 €.


You can choose three ways to make a verdict:

BY ON-LINE INVITATION: you can invite as many jurors you want, give their email and name and the jury will receive an invitation with a link to access the voting. You can see how many photos have been voted and if the vote is over.

PRESENTIAL: gather as many jurors as you want in a screening room.

POPULAR JURY: all participants can vote online, excluding their works.

The rating range is from 1 to 10 points for works.

In person voting may be confidential using standard keypads


Once the vote is closed you’ll view all photos organized by votes and sections. You can also view the cumulative scores from the same season or league.

The authors will receive the results by email.