Can I download all participant data in an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes, you have a listing section, that can be exported to Excel. You have all kind of statistics at your reach.

Can I send an email to all my associates and contacts in an easy way?

Yes, from the participants section. You can contact to all authors in a group or to a particular author, as you wish.

Do I need to redirect my domain to integrate my contests on my site?

No, you can perform a simple integration through links, or by including one web in another using iframe.

How I can recover the original images that have been contributed by the participants?

From Sections, in the camera logo, you will see all the photographs contributed by the authors. You can select and download them.

When and how is the payment done?

When the contribution of works has ended and we know the number of authors involved. If the payment isn’t recieved you can’t continue the veredict phase neither download images. You can buy subscriptions by PayPal, 1,20 € for each author involved. There are supscriptions of 30, 50 and 100€.